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Who do I contact if I am a vendor?

- Email

Who do I contact if I am an artist interested in performing?

- Email

Who do I contact if I am interested in becoming a sponsor?

- Email

Is this venue open up to the public or just for special events?

-Special events only

Venue Directions

-click here for direction

What even is the Landslide Festival and how many people do you expect?

- The Landslide Festival is a music and adventure festival. We have all types of bands, DJ's, and activities that will be happening throughout the day and into the night. This will be the 4th year of the Landslide Festival and we expect over 5,000 attendees.


What day is the Landslide Festival?

- September 2nd (one day long)

What is the deal with the Collectable Event Wristbands?

- The first 2,000 people through the check in gates this year will receive our collectable event wristband. Each year we will give out a small number of these to be collected. The owner of these bands, at the festival will receive exclusive benefits, opportunities for massive prizes, etc. you don't have to be the original owner of the wristbands, you may trade, buy or sell these bands. When taking off these bands you may cut the plastic off but not the actual band itself.

Who do I contact if I would like to upgrade my ticket or am having technical issues?

- Email

When do the gates open for the Festival?

- Water park gates open at 11am

- Parking lot & Campground gates open the day before (Sept. 1st) at 5pm. Feel free to come set up camp and camp the day before.

Is there re-entry into the festival?

-Once you enter Three Peaks Oasis property (this area includes parking, campgrounds, and venue) we won't be allowing any re entry's. BUT you will be able to travel back and forth from the campground, parking and the venue.

Can I bring food and water into my campsite? *No alcohol*

-YES, you may bring food and water into your campgrounds. Only water will be allowed into the venue (the water park area, it'll be gated off from the campground and parking)

Do I need to pay for parking?

-Yes and NO. You pay this fee when purchasing your ticket, so no additional payment will be collected at the venue.

Do I pay for camping?

-Yes and NO. You pay this fee when purchasing your ticket, so no additional payment will be collected at the venue.

Can i bring my dog/pet?


Age restrictions? 

-No, but we will say the nature of this event is 16+

Am I allowed to bring in a bag?

-Yes, security will search through it upon every entry

Do I need to provide my own tent for camping?


Are there food trucks in the venue?


Are there food trucks in the campgrounds?


Is Drinking allowed in the campground?

- Iron Country Sherifs department has stronger suggested that our camping is a "no drinking zone". For liability reasons we have decided that you cannot drink/bring alcohol into the campgrounds. You are allowed to get drinks from the beer garden and drink within the venue. If caught breaking this rule you will be removed from the festival.

Will my car be inspected?

- Yes, security will quickly inspect vehicles in the parking lot. Confiscate any alcohol, food or any other items that are not allowed. (read through to see other prohibited items) If you have gun you will be asked to leave.

What are the requirements for someone under 18 to attend?

- Have your parent buy your ticket. In the buying process they will sign the online waiver for you.

Can you purchase tickets at the event and do you need an ID?

- All tickets must be purchased online. No ID needed.

Do I have to pay extra to bring my RV, camper, bus etc out to camp?

-No fee is required for bringing just a tent to camp.

Can I take my car into my campsite?

- Yes, if you are camping in it. If not, please just drop off your camping gear and park in the parking lot. We would like the campgrounds to have plenty of room for tents instead of cars

Can you have a fire at the campground?

- Propane fires only

Can I bring a charcoal grill?

- You can bring a charcoal grill into your campgrounds but not into the venue

Can I bring my own ATV/MOTO?

- For liability purposes, NO.

Can I bring my own speakers, couches, lights, games etc for my campsite?

-Yes, the best looking/vibing campsite will win VIP tickets for LS 2024

Can I bring my own paddle boards/water inflatables?


Can I bring lawn chairs and other water activities such as paddle boards into the water park?


Can I get a refund?

-No refunds.


-Weapons of any kind including fake ones, drugs, alcohol, food, laser pointers, promotional items/fliers (contact us for permission), professional photo/video equipment, pets or animals

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